A Voice for Western Canada

The Federal Student Advocacy Alliance (FSAA) is a national coalition of more than 281,000 students at 33 universities, colleges, and institutes in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan. Together we work to provide Western Canadian students with a unified voice to influence national change

Our Vision

An accessible, resilient, and world-class Canadian post-secondary education system that prioritizes the diverse needs of students today.

Our Mission

Empowering western Canadian students to advance their unique national interests through collaboration, research, and advocacy.

Our Values

Student Led: The Coalition is led by elected Student Leaders and provides every member the opportunity to be involved in the governance, operations, and day to day work.

Accessible: The Coalition is open to membership from all student associations and provincial advocacy organizations in Canada, strives to eliminate financial and other barriers to participation, and is easy to join and easy to leave.

Focused: The Coalition focuses exclusively on post-secondary student issues and is committed to advancing realistic solutions to these issues.

Non-partisan: The Coalition is committed to non-partisanship and strives to work constructively with all politicians and political parties in Canada.